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Bleeding Edge TV 180: Gear Live and GamerAndy Live from PAX 2007

We hit this year and had a fantastic time. So much so, in fact, that we just had to capture it - the essence of what is truly all about - in video for your viewing pleasure. Here, Andru Edwards, GamerAndy, and Sparky talk about the sights and sounds of the Penny Arcade Expo, go over the idiosyncrasies of color availability and how you can be construed as less of a man if you choose the wrong one, Rock Band being amazing, and how geeky Magic: The Gathering is…and that is just a sample of the miscellaneous ramblings you’ll find in this episode. If you love video games, this is one to watch.


Bleeding Edge 057: InvisibleSHIELD For Nintendo DS Lite

So, we were able to pick up an InvisibleSHIELD for the Nintendo DS Lite, and figured we would go for a review here on The Bleeding Edge. We have used InvisibleSHIELD products in the past, and were somewhat impressed by their quality (see our iPod InvisibleSHIELD review.) If you are interested in protection for your Nintendo DS Lite that is minimal in presentation, this product may be for you. Check the video for our full review.

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Bleeding Edge Byte 033: Nintendo DS Electroplankton Review

While many a gamer has been enjoying the Nintendo DS for gaming purposes - just check how nicely it’s working out for Nintendo - others have found that it can be used for more creative means. Sparky has been hooked to Electroplankton, something that is more of a “program” than a “game” for the Nintendo DS. Electroplankton allows you to make all sorts of creative beats and melodies using…creatures. This one is a lot easier explained visually rather than in text, so just watch the video…

Bleeding Edge Byte 026: Big Brain Academy Review

The Nintendo DS platform has simply taken off like no one could have imagined. One of the draws is the games that challenge the mind in ways that don’t involve needing to memorize button combos or require lightning fast reflexes. Some games claim to even make you smarter. In the interest of developing a sharper wit, Andru and Jake go one-on-one in Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo DS. We give you a detailed look at the game, and provide our thoughts in our full review.

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