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Thursday July 29, 2010 9:45 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 357: Sonos Controller for iPad at GDGT Seattle event

The crew from GDGT rolled into town a couple of days ago, and our pals from were there to show off their upcoming Sonos Controller for iPad remote control app. We talk with Sonos rep Thomas Meyer about what makes their iPad app special and unique, and show the differences between it and the smaller Sonos Controller for iPhone. We definitely can’t wait to see this one hit the App Store, which they say will happen before the end of the year.

To use the Sonos Controller for iPad, you’ll need at least one Sonos zone. We love the product, and if you wanna get started enjoying the world of Sonos, might we recommend the Sonos S5?

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Great video! @John: Why is it just a waste of time?


rundreise marokko

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Gearlive good video!, Sonos you buy special speakers for this to work there some kind of adapter for the normal speakers

So let’s try to post another post here. This video is good looking and everything, but it doesn’t help at all. It is just waste of your time.

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