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Monday March 17, 2008 9:06 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 260: Our CES 2008 blooper reel

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our video coverage. We’ve gone through our hours of footage, and picked out some of the best bloopers that our staff experienced. We know how disappointed you all probably are to realize that we aren’t perfect, but we think you should have gathered that from the Gear Live documentary.

Anyhow, have at it. We look forward to making fools out of ourselves again come 2009. Oh, and next year we will have to try and beat “hot dog guy” in the category of overall buffoonery. You’ll have to watch the video to see what we mean.

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Forum Discussion

Poor Sparky and Chris! I think you guys needed cue cards with the CES 2008 introduction line on it. All in all, those were some pretty funny moments. Good job, though. I am attempting to watch all the CES 2008 clips, and you did a wonderful job. you deserve to mess up a few times now and then. LOL

Those bloopers were funny! You guys do a good job anyways. Keep up the good work, and dont worry about messing up we all know what your trying to say. Love that you go and look at all those electronics, the shows are great!

yes i agree those bloopers were funny! People of this sites always do good jobs don’t they. Yours shows have always been great.

Sparky and chris i think you got so confused , i am the same as u , i also confuse a lot like u.

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Haha, first person to compare their product to a drug dealer’s pager!  Classic stuff

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