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Friday February 1, 2008 9:46 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 248: Zoombak GPS family, vehicle, and pet locator

It’s 10:00.  Do you know where your dog is?  Or your car, or the loved one who is responsible for the car?  Zoombak is aiming to make sure you never have to look far to get the answer to that question.  Their advanced locators come in two sizes, one perfect for placing in an auto and one made to clip on to the collar of a dog weighing 12 pounds or more.

Both versions of Zoombak offer the ability to set up “safety zones,”  via the Zoombak website.  When the auto or dog that is wearing the Zoombak GPS unit leaves the safety zone, Zoombak will send a text message or an email with the location of the unit, and the location can be tracked live on Zoombak’s website.

Dog and Auto units retail for $200 and $250 respectively, and Zoombak’s monthly service starts at $9.99 a month.

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Forum Discussion

I think thats a good device especially for a dog. Wish I had this before my dog died she kept taking off and this would have came in handy. Keeps track of your kids to I dont have any so it wouldnt of been good for me for that but it would of for the dog and to keep track of other family members.

I don’t have any kids, but if my dogs weighed more than 12 pounds (Both mini-dachshunds) this could come in handy. Of course, I could see some mean tricks being done, like taking it off the dog and putting it on the UPS drivers truck. ‘Where is foofoo?’, logs into website, ‘How did he get all the way across town?’ Bad dog.
Wasn’t there a similar device for Alzheimer patients in assisted living locations?

That sounds cool. That should make things similar to that for toddlers who run away all the time when outside.

I think i can really find my “nimmy” easily- its my dog

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