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Tuesday May 11, 2010 9:37 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 346: Apple iPad Case review

When launched the , they knew that users would need some sort of accessory to use with the device that would make it easier to type on and use as an entertainment consumption device. That said, they released the first-party Apple iPad Case in the hopes of providing that relief. The Apple iPad Case serves three purposes in our minds—first, it provides a layer of protection. It’s soft, and it keeps the screen covered when you are transporting it around. It isn’t the most protective cover you can get, but it serves the purpose. Secondly, it acts as a stand that lets you comfortably type on the iPad. In fact, it’s so comfortable that we wrote our entire 4,000 word iPad review on the iPad itself, using the case to prop it up. Lastly, the Apple iPad Case also let’s you stand the iPad up vertically in the landscape orientation. This lets you use it to view content like videos and such, without having to hold onto the device.

We give you a look at the iPad case, and give you our opinions as well, in this episode.

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Forum Discussion

Nice video, its really nice to see those good information on a wide, indeed, buy a U.S. iTunes gift card for your new IPAD in this shop, they are legit iTunes gift U.S. they offer me an e-mail Fast and my advice to you

Well, well what we have here.

This Case is used for fan boys only, becouse iphone is strong enought to use it without any case at all. I have 1 2 3 generation phone and I haven’t had any scratches, even I am using it really hard

I find your reviews very detailed and that’s a good thing because´╗┐ everytime I watch a youtube video, there is a detail that’s missed out and you cover it all.

Thanks man and keep up the good work!

Finally, a small flap that keeps the IPAD, only to land within the party and returned several times. But is not the only creed. There is no real cure for a mechanical hinge, but in this case hinged to continue only until the fall of the materials used.

This is not magnetized, unfolds a little more of the screen, I would like magnitized or there was a strap on the back that could back up and keep it closed.

Thanks man and keep up the good work!

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